Boarding? - The airplane of Tendera
January 2020/July 2021


from Pierluigi Peruzzi

boarding tTemple of hathor dendera, Egypt
Above in photo 1: Fresco on the ceiling of the Temple of Hathor Dendera, Egypt

Everyone on board ?

At first I thought of one of the normal coincidences that inevitably arise from today's sea of images. But if there are coincidences, there must not be too many things in common, otherwise the probability of calculating coincidences will be lost. The more similarities there are, the less coincidence can be considered a coincidence. I leave the calculation of probability to you all. Think it over carefully.

bord time and boarding similarities with hator dendera
figure 2

Figure 2 shows the following similarities

  • The tried and tested wheeled bag (trolley) is very visible.
  • In the ceiling painting (top right) we see the man directing the plane on the ground. Then that of the ground crew that gives the pilots the roll instruction.

  • The bird's eye in the ceiling painting can easily represent the cockpit windows.
  • That you get on a plane that is on the roll runway on a ladder, should be clear to everyone.

  • The hangar ?

    hangar gate portal
    figura e 3

    Figure 3 illustrates very well that it is not a portal, but a simple hangar gate and the man on the far right of the ceiling tells the pilot to roll forward. The passengers have to wait and are already standing on the stairs.

    The pilot ?

    pilot aircraft plane
    The pilot

    Random again? It's not possible ! A nice part of Dendera's fresco that clearly shows a person sitting inside the eye. Even the passengers sat down. This had to be proven and has been proven.

    The plane ?

    The pigeon of Saqqara

    In the Egyptian museum in Cairo the artifact n. 6347 is exhibited, which researchers consider to be the portrait of a pigeon. It is a wooden object, found in 1898 in a tomb in the necropolis of Saqqara. This object clearly shows a model aircraft. It cannot show a bird, because birds do not have rear vertical directional rudders but rather horizontal tails.

    Underneath the image of this wooden model. There is a strong indication that the rear horizontal rudder has fallen off, as its attachment is still visible.

    6347 cairo musee
    Artifact No. 6347

    The positive flight characteristics of a high wing aircraft are:

  • can fly at low speed (at "only" 70 - 100 km/h)
  • can carry heavy goods compared to low-winged aircraft of the same size
  • is easy to fly
  • the balance doesn't have to be perfect

  • Comparison with today's model planes

    hochdecker mit kamera

    Picture above from 1981. This high wing model aircraft - which in its construction looks a lot like the Egyptian model - I built it in the winter of 1980/81. The task of this model aircraft was to carry my small camera. This means that it was a heavy-duty transport aircraft. Of course in relation to its size. I was able to do all this with a two-stroke engine of 5 cm3.

    Image below from 1981. While my brother is holding the aircraft, I'm kneeling to set up an 8mm film camera. Unfortunately, the previous model was too small to lift heavy objects into the air. So I decided to buy the "Big Lift" assembly box in its raw state. With its 15 cm3 2-stroke, it was doing its job well. Since it was a very sturdy model aircraft, I decided to build it and use it for my film purposes. At that time satellite photos did not exist and so you had to help yourself.

    big highdecker high wing aircraft

    bau eines modllflugzeuges

    If you take a good look at the figures of the high wing aircraft, exposed above, then the aviation professional immediately sees that the ailerons on the wings are missing. All 3 aircraft above - including the Egyptian one - do not have ailerons on their wings. At the Big Lift these ailerons would be a nuisance to hook a glider over the wings, using the hukepack system, since it was designed to pull up the remote controlled gliders.

    The destination ?

    Here we are perhaps at the destination airport. Under the Nazca airstrips.

    the nazca airstrips

    Isaiah 40 (Holy Christian Bible)

    3 A voice of one calling: In the wilderness prepare the way for the Lord;
    make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

    4 Every valley shall be raised up, every mountain and hill made low;
    the rough ground shall become level, the rugged places a plain.

    5 And the glory of the Lord will be revealed, and all people will see it together.
    For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.